Tuesday 21 February 2012

Goodbye "Linda - Little but Lethal"

Linda Hargreaves (1st right)
Its a sad day in our school today as we have lost  a much loved Taiji sister. Life really is a fleeting journey - at the school Christmas party she was full of joy and laughter, now she is no longer with us. Linda Hargreaves was small of stature but large in spirit. Training with a sabre that was almost as big as herself or doing applications with the big guys - earning the nickname "Linda - little, but lethal"!

3rd from the left, next to Chen Ziqiang - smallest as usual!
What I loved about Linda was her willingness to try everything - to have a go.  Coming to Taiji relatively late, with not such great health and - always - the smallest person in the class - her attitude, beaming smile and ability to encourage others led to her assisting her instructor Lee Davies Conchie in our Blackpool branch. When the dynamic Chen Ziqiang came to the UK last summer to teach the Cannon Fist, she leapt and jumped, kicked and punched, swept and spun through the seminar. Even the normally impassive face of Chen Ziqiang broke into a smile! 

How often people come to class and say "I can't". Linda was a glowing example of a person of normal ability achieving success because they  are determined to. She'll be sorely missed.

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